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FAQ Subject: Seaport 3 Login

There are three common reasons why you may experience difficulty logging into Seaport 3:
  1. Your account in Seaport 3 may not have been established yet; some time (about 24 hours) is required between your registration and the account in Seaport being accessible.
  2. You may be using an incorrect email address, or may not be aware of the email address you should use.
  3. Password: Your password will depend on your status. If you are a new student, use the password you were provided to log into the MyCCC portal. If you are a returning student, you can use the password you previously used in Seaport.
Please follow the directions below to login to Seaport 3. After trying these, if you are still unable to log in, follow the instructions below to send an email Help request. The Seaport 3 team wishes you a very successful term at Coastline!

How to reach the login screen

Figure 1

The image above shows the buttons you may use from the http://Seaport.coastline.edu webpage to reach the login screen.

New or first time users

First Time Users If you are a new or first time user and are having difficulty logging into Seaport3, it is suggested that you use the "First Time Users" button found on the login screen. This function will ask for your email address (initially this will be provided by your campus) and send a 'Passphrase' to this email address within 15 minutes. After receiving the email, you can use this 'Passphrase' to reset your Seaport3 password.

Returning Seaport users

Reset my Password If you have used an earlier version of Seaport, you may be able to login using your old Seaport password. If not, we suggest you use the "Forgot My Seaport3 Password" button. Similar to the new or first time option, this will ask for your email address and email you a 'passphrase'. With this 'passphrase', you can easily reset your Seaport password.

Coastline Community College students - MyCCC Login

First Time Users Coastline students may use their MyCCC username and password to login. You can directly enter your MyCCC credentials on http://seaport.coastline.edu/Login_myCCC/ or you can login to the MyCCC portal (available from the Coastline home page) and under the student tab you can find a list of your courses. Clicking on a course title will bring you directly into Seaport3.

Don't know the email address you should be using?

Identify my Email If you are unsure of the email address that we use to verify your account, select the "Identify my Email" button. After providing your Campus and StudentID, we will inform you of the email address we have on file. This email address is usually provided by your campus, but may also be a personal email address. If you have persistent login issues, this may be the cause. Please verify you are using the correct email address for validation.

Watch our 'Login Help' videos

Have your email/password and still can't login?

After recovering your information, if you still cannot log in, please close down all your web browsers, then reopen your browser and try logging in again. Please be aware that cookies may be required to be enabled on your web browser. Seaport supports Internet Explorer version 8 or better, Mozilla Firefox version 5 or better, Google Chrome, and Safari.

If login problems persist, please contact Coastline’s Distance Learning office at dlearning@coastline.edu or (714) 241-6216. Military students should email military@coastline.edu or call (714) 241-6296.

Thank you,
Seaport Development Team
Coastline Community College